The teaching/sharing at most of the following events was based on Made in Heaven, Fleshed Out on Earth: one woman’s journey into wholeness in marital intimacy.

From a Ladies’ Retreat:

Thank you for being our speaker at Camp Evergreen. I sat spellbound as the Holy Spirit spoke to me through you. I was going through life thinking I was “okay,” but it was shown to me that I was not in a very good spiritual state. C.W.

Just wanted to say I appreciate your sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and your “realness.” I know you spoke into many hearts—mine included. Thanks. B.

Thank you for giving of yourself as a servant this weekend. Your experiences [that] you shared and obedience to the Holy Spirit’s guidance has blessed me so much. Thank your family from us too, for allowing you to be here. God bless you many times more than you have blessed us. V.K.

Thank you for your inspiration! Your presentations in honesty and personal transparency were encouraging ! You presented “hope” and forgiveness through personal triumph, and I was encouraged. Thanks. E.K.

I attended the ladies’ retreat you spoke at two weeks ago at Camp Evergreen. I just wanted to thank you for sharing. I was deeply touched by your honesty and vulnerability when you spoke. The Lord is doing some amazing thing in my life, a result of me being able to forgive myself as well as others, and to accept the love and forgiveness He has freely given me. A.W.

May God bless you, strengthen and encourage you, as you so faithfully pour yourself out in ministry for Him. You’ve challenged and inspired me (well, God has thru you!). Blessings always. M.
From a Church Banquet:

Thank you for speaking at Grace Lutheran church, Nancy. I am sure that every word was inspired by God! I laughed and cried and laughed. I noticed others doing the same. Please continue to share your gifts. B.H.

From a Bible College class:

Thank you for being so open to your life struggles. I loved listening to your book [excerpts] and songs. Very interesting.

Thank you so very much for sharing your heart with us. You really spoke directly to my heart. You are so real and genuine when you talk about your life and God. You have inspired so many thoughts in me, to be more of God and closer to God!

Interesting. I liked your honesty and humour out of the book. I loved the guitar too—very pretty. The songs were good. Good storytelling.

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with us. This class was just what I needed right now, and I really appreciated the way that your story connected well with things that I’m struggling with as well. I truly wish we could have had more time with you, but thank you for being here and sharing for as long as you could.

I love your enthusiasm when teaching. Your passion in speaking [from] your book makes it come to life. Thanks so much for sharing parts of your story! I know it’s not always the easiest when it’s your own life. Praying for you and your family.

Thank you for sharing with us today. I enjoyed how you shared your story with us, especially the songs. They were awesome!! You said some things that reinforced what I have learned this week, which was very encouraging. Thanks again for taking the time to share with us!

This class was really helpful—I found it very refreshing to hear that everything isn’t always “hunky-dory,” that there will be problems sometimes and that’s okay because God will use it for His glory. The stories were pretty good. I really enjoyed hearing about your life.

I really needed to hear all that you had to say. I, too, have really struggled with giving myself away. I struggle so much with guilt and shame. And just your encouragement and knowing that you’ve been through the same thing meant so much. May God richly bless you.

Loved the class. It really hit home. Great to hear. Thanks so much.

Informative with sharing a lot of personal experiences, which has been excellent and helpful.

I enjoyed hearing excerpts from your book. It was really cool. Thank you for being honest about the things you have struggled with!

I enjoyed your honesty and sharing of yourself! You put yourself in a vulnerable position and your beauty shows through!

Your class was wonderful! It was interesting and sincere and transparent. We need to hear truth and hear it with transparency. Also, thank you for being so sensitive to our feelings and including this when talking about different people stuck in different situations and who have had different past experiences. I also think it is very important to hear personal experiences. Thank you!

I found the class very good. You really spoke about things that happened to me too, and it’s been awesome to hear the things you have to say.

I really liked your stories and talking about your own life. Thanks also for the songs!

From a Youth Retreat, Ages 13-26 (with Greg):

You are able to capture an audience of teenagers for an hour and a half! They were silent and attentively listening for your every word. That is a miracle! You have a gift and a way to express your thoughts and experiences that young people can relate to, and young adults! I was greatly impacted, especially with the story of the lady who had the chains fall off. I felt like that night God removed the chains of temptation (sexually) and though I know that doesn’t mean the struggle disappears, I know He has taken off a great load and I feel it every day. I am very grateful that you two made the journey out here, so thank you. It was also really powerful to see how in love Greg and you are (especially when you sang together). You look like you just met and fell in love, and that is so wonderful to see, because society tells us that getting hitched is a drag and it’s boring once you get old. You both have a fresh spark in your eyes. B.W.

I really appreciated the things you had to say at our church a few weeks ago. Your testimony was really touching and I could definitely relate to what you have gone through. There are times I feel really confused about my new path of faith, but remembering some of the stories you shared, helps me refocus. Thank you for being a great role-model to me and to all the youth that attended. N.H.

From a Couple's Event (with Greg):

“I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me.” Wow, what a testimony you shared and opened your heart.

You are certainly one we need at Couples’ Advance. . . . Why is this area so hard for most of us? Beautiful speech!

Thank you for your candor and honesty. I appreciate your openness to discuss what many won’t dare to discuss.

After listening to Nancy, would like to suggest if she isn’t already doing it, to be speaking to teenage girls on the subject that she’s been talking about. I believe that she has a message that so many of them need to hear.

Bless you, Nancy and Greg, and praise the Lord for the courage He gave you to discuss such a tender subject.

Thank you for having the courage to talk about this all-important topic that is never brought up, not even at couples’ retreats, never mind our churches. May God use your ministry to help others heal.